Divorce in Nebraska

Divorce. Sometimes you don’t expect it. It can happen to anyone. If you find yourself in the middle of this, you may have asked some of these common questions:

  • Who keeps the house?
  • Who gets custody of our children?
  • What happens to our shared financial accounts?
  • What happens to our shared assets and debts?
  • How is child support awarded?
  • How does divorce work if I signed a prenuptial agreement?
  • How do I find an affordable divorce attorney?

At RJT LAW, it’s important to us that you have all the information you need regarding divorce proceedings. Here’s a brief overview of how the process works in Nebraska:

1) Divorce proceedings begin by filing a Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage.

2) Once the complaint has been filed, it must be served either informally or by a Sheriff. If this is done informally, your spouse is required to sign a Voluntary Appearance. Otherwise, the complaint must be served by a Sheriff. Your spouse then has 30 days from your filing date to file an answer and their own Counter Complaint if they choose to do so. You then have 30 days to legally respond to them.

3) There is a 60-day minimum period before you can get divorced in the State of Nebraska.

If you’d like more information about divorce proceedings in Nebraska, our team will gladly talk to you and answer your additional questions.

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Ryan J. Thomas
Ryan J. Thomas, Attorney at Law