Estate Planning in Nebraska

Estate planning protects your family when you are no longer around. At RJT Law, we have two goals when it comes to your estate—make sure your family is taken care of and reduce the burden of responsibility for end of life services.

Here are two terms you need to know:

Power of Attorney: Authorize another person to make decisions regarding your health and your finances in the event you are unable to act yourself.

Will: A legal document created by you, that provides information made available upon your death regarding the distribution of your property, amongst your spouse, children, charities, and other organizations.

We offer three estate packages based on your specific needs:

Bronze: Will for you
Silver: Will for you and your spouse including health care power of attorneys and durable power of attorneys for both spouses
Gold: Unlimited revisions to your will or power of attorney in the first year (plus same benefits of silver package)

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Ryan J. Thomas
Ryan J. Thomas, Attorney at Law